31 May 2011

A lil bit of this and a lil bit of that....

blog  ni suppose to be on on the first day of my practical day. but i'm staying at my aunt house so the plug is quite limited. if i want to on9, i can't charge my fons. same goes if i want to charge my fon, i can't on9. so i choose to charge my fon n not on9. n here im. updating my blog early in the morning. bukan apa, tadi sebenar nye da tido, but terjaga. sbb my aunt n my cousins br smpi dari melaka. they all pindah barang dr uma abg kat seri kembangan to kl and some stuff to melaka. emm maybe not some, but a lots. org balik- balik kerja pn tadi tgk rumah OMG! sgt la byk barang n xley nak ddk lepak pn. so i start to remove all the boxes on the dinning table, rearrange a bit of the furniture, sapu-sapu rumah cket. da sudah tu ok lepak bukak tb. nasib bek xyah masak, sebab alang da masak bihun pg td. so org juz panaskan je. ouh lupa apit balik td dia ada ubah cket lagi barang-barang kat dalam uma ni. kata nye ini mengikut permintaan abg. so biar la kejap dia ubah-ubah the furniture. org da xlarat da nak buat pape lg..huhu

ni lagi 1 benda yang xtercapai oleh akal. n agak pelik la. sebab i suddenly missing my pet brother like i really missing him. so what the hell is this? well i choose not to think bout it much, so that i won't be bother by the feeling. or it just that we not that oftenly meet each other that's why i start to miss him. 'hye you bro, dunt think much lar. you r my brother right.' just you know me a lots than my own brother know me. hehe except for my childhood time. haha and of i can, i don't want you to know it. it's kinda embarrassing for people to know how i'm in my childhood. mmg sgt xtercapai dek akal ku. haha tp xpe dia rajin layan adik dia yang sorang ni. da la nakal, pale tah pape je.
so to abg, 'tq so much sebab rajin layan nuha ye. sayang abg lebih dari biasa.' haha ;p (wink n tongue)

well as for this several days, i been feeling like a working women or wife but not a working mother. well how was it? damn tiring. i salute all the working moms and wife out there. you guys did good (just include the moms and wife that cook and tend to take care of their husband and kids so well). but probably i feel extra tired because of my traveling method for and back work. to go, i got abah (tq abah!) to send me half or my journey, but to come back from work, i need to walk from work to home. it's takes about 50 minutes distant. so you make the maths. today i just drag my leg home and finally i'm home. while walking, i got to thinks for many things, such as maybe or if question. erkk not question but conditions. in which the example are, if i juz got license and have a bike, it would safe me the tired for stay up late or do what ever other things that i need to do. emm maybe, if i have a driver, so that i'm not this tired by the night.

this is very2 late of my post..huhu well work, starting to be interesting as my project will be starting to start tomorrow (1st of June). so i'm not that bored lorr. but according to my reading of the method, the procedure will be just around 1 hour latest. so after that i'll be bored to death. as i dun't have any distraction to keep my mind working and awake. if only i got my novel to keep me company all the time. to buy a new 1, i don't have the money. i only left with RM10 in my purse. how to survive? hurmm

it almost 5 o'clock already, so i'am going to clear my desk and getting ready to go home. it's a long way home. but thank God that the weather is just nice for me to walk all the way home. not too hot like yesterday till i got headache. so this latest post is kinda a rep for the long time i've been gone not updating.

23 May 2011

Practical oh practical

huhu ari ni da 23hb...sepatut nye aku stat prtkal 10hb ari tu ..tp nak wat cmne ada la hal cket nye kat pihak sane..so aku mula la 23hb..tp surat aku xdpt pn..xbc pape pn lg ni..emm cm kre nye xtau pape la ni..so juz wat xtau je..

skng ni aku xtdo lg..npe??tah la aku xley nak tdo..puas da aku pkse mata ni tuk tdo..tp xnak lelap2 gak..pe la yg ada kat ple ni...klu la ley tau kan senang..

cm mcm2 je yg ada..nervous pn ada gak ni..pe la yg akn happen esk ni..will i b ok??hopefully i'll b ok..hopefully i do well..emm jgn la ngtuk gle babeng t...

n now i'm watching the most stupid story eva.haha n i'm a bit stupid coz tgk cte ni gak..haha same goes to apit..cause he watching it too..ouh n it's really ridiculously stupid n funny..despite this story is bored n what-so-eva, my eyes still didn't want to close yet..it ain't sleepy yet..ouh come on it's 4.39 a.m already..by the time i sleep, i get to wake up again..huhu

i'm kindda bored now... mata oh mata sila la lelap sekarang...nak kata da terbiase tido lmbt, xde la lmbt cmni..mayb travel kot td, tu yg xley nak tdo tu..huhu

ok i'm going to try to sleep again..it's too late already....gud nyte all....