30 March 2011

Love, pink, gurlz..

GURLZ, LOVE n PINK are always connected..
is it because that most of the gurlz (excluding me) like pink?
or gurlz always involved themselves in love business?
well gurlz r juz being gurlz..
they love something that are sweet and nice..
but i'm a gurl..
but i'm not like them..
hurmm why??
well perhaps past teach me that love is not always bring happiness to me..
this is only just my personal thought and experience okeh!
and pink is just yucky to me..
it's not suit me in any way..
but i do like red...
it's kindda awesome color..hehe
conclusion, not every gurls are related to pink and love..
there are some gurlz that are not really into pink n love........
well everybody is into love but not that deeply..
as for me, i wanted love after marriage...
because only then i have something to stand for if we are fighting..
it's not that stand for the love ones before marriage is wrong..
it's just i think it is more appropriate and exciting like that..
knowing people after your marriage...
hye, it's out of topic..
will be other post just for my opinion on love..
have a nice day n always watch out for gurls that are not into pink..
they can be my geng..

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